Aviation Communities

In May 2020, I launched an initiative for pilots in the UK called AimingPoint. Since, it has developed into a platform which manages a number of online aviation-focused communities. I'm hoping to use it to share experience/insight from my professional pilot training, along with various bits of topical news and other updates.

Training Materials & Ground School Classes

I'm working incredibly hard on developing much-needed modern training material for the UK Part-FCL PPL(A) theoretical knowledge e-exams. This is under the "UKFI", or "UK Flying Instruction" brand.

Ground school now available

I am now beginning to finalise drafts of ground school courses, which means one-by-one the subjects are becoming available!

Due to the pandemic, these will be conducted via Skype. As restrictions ease, this will continue, along with the gradual return of in-person classes, both group and one-to-one.